Pricing details


I want to create an application using MQTT and HiveMQ, but the pricing isn’t very clear to me.

About my app:

  • It will be used only during weekends.
  • Maximum messages per month: ~9 million.


  1. Using the Serverless option, I see the only limitation is 10 GB of data traffic per month. What happens if I exceed 10 GB? Does it stop working, or is there an option to flexibly pay for additional usage? I would prefer to avoid a situation where the app suddenly stops working after reaching 10 GB.
  2. In the Starter option, how are the hours calculated? It’s listed at $0.34/hour, but if I use my app only during the weekend, do I pay just for that? Does it calculate time only when messages are broadcast (so if I’m not sending anything for 10 minutes, am I not billed for that time)?

Thanks in advance for your help!