Free/Pay as You Go data retention: Retained Messages

I have an application that currently depends on retained messages persisting indefinitely – years at least. My clients expect to receive their last configuration upon connection/subscription to the topic – and these configurations are sent VERY infrequently.

How long can I expect retained messages to persist using the Free or Pay as You Go tiers of HiveMQ cloud?



It’s fantastic to hear that you’re interested in MQTT and the HiveMQ broker. Welcome to the HiveMQ Community! We’re thrilled to have you join us.

I’d like to share that we have made some changes to our pricing plans. We now offer Serverless (free), Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Each plan is designed to cater to specific needs, and we believe you’ll find the one that suits you best. Here’s an overview of the new plans: Fully-Managed MQTT Platform on the Cloud, here’s a detailed feature comparison: HiveMQ Pricing

For the free cluster, please note that retain messages will have an expiry period of 3 days. If you opt for the Starter plan, you’ll enjoy an extensive retention period with almost no limit (4,294,967,296 Seconds).

If you have any further questions or need assistance in choosing the right plan for your requirements, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you make the most out of your MQTT experience with HiveMQ.

Best regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team