Port already in use even if I changed it

I installed the community hivemq broker on a Ubuntu 20 virtual box.

I test it succesfully with some pub/sub from the terminal, even from an app on my cellphone and it work.

I use a command to ran the sh on boot and reboot the Ubuntu system.

Then I have the error Port already in use: 9010; even if I change the port number in the config file.

lsof -iTCP:1883
result nothing

netstat -an | grep 1883
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18832
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 18833 /run/dbus/system_bus_socket

The new port that I set even if hivemq is not running
netstat -an | grep 800

Hi @croclivre ,

Welcome to our HiveMQ community!

Could you please provide some more information that would help me understanding the issue better?

  1. Why do you need to change the port? Where does this requirement come from?
  2. Where do you see that the port is already in use? Please paste the exact message here.
  3. What does the following mean? Do you start HiveMQ with run.sh or it is started on boot with systemd? Please clarify

I use a command to ran the sh on boot and reboot the Ubuntu system.

  1. Which port is already in use: 9010 or 1883? You mention both ports in your message, unclear which one is the issue. Please clarify.
  2. You mention that you changed the port in config file. Please clarify which config file you have in mind and what exactly changed.

Dasha from HiveMQ team