I have bean using ESP32 with SIM7000 to send MQTT messages.

However, SIM7000SSL is not that reliable… and further problems started to show up by using this secure connection. So, decided to incapsulate the client using OPEnSLab-OSU/SSLClient (GitHub - OPEnSLab-OSU/SSLClient: 🔒Add SSL/TLS functionality to any Arduino library) or govorox/SSLClient (GitHub - govorox/SSLClient: SSLClient - generic secure client Arduino library using mbedtls).

Though, … can not get a connection and almost giving up!

Please, if someone could share a TinyGSM with SSL? that would be great!
(the example of ESP8266 with BearSSL is not compatible…).

Finally, to get the BEGIN and END header using openssl s_client -connect -showcerts < /dev/null 2> /dev/null | sed -n '/BEGIN/,/END/p' > server.pem

I think I am doing something wrong? if you can please touch on this topic? that would be also nice.

Thanks in advance.