Mqtt stability with qos 0 and qos 1

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I have an app where i bump 2000 messages from differnet publishers every 30min at same ephoc instant (say same nano sec)can mqtt with qos 0 amd qos1 handle this to deluver it to deatination?

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Generally the limiting factor in your described scenario will be one of hardware (network, CPU and possibly disk throughput) rather than one of the protocol.
Pulsed actions, where all clients act in unison within the same millisecond are not ideal, since the receiving brokers’ hardware may be temporarily overloaded. Mechanisms such as HiveMQ’s Overload Protection can prevent outages on the broker side by throttling incoming messages, but in the case of QoS 0, this may lead to messages being dropped (in accordance with the MQTT specification).

Ideally the clients would be set up in a way that their message delivery is spread out, even if the time frame over which they PUBLISH is only in the range of a few seconds. Further, choosing QoS 1 will allow clients to ensure messages have been received by the broker through acknowledgements (PUBACK).

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Hi @zingiber and all,
Yes it helps thanks for the explanation. My next question is as mentioned 2000 producers push messages to same mqtt broker can it handle as all producers pushes messages at same ephoc instant every 30minutes.

Now i see only 130-150 messages at mqtt but not all 2000. I have been observing with past 1 day messages count ranges between this range.

How do we find the root cause any suggestions?

Does paho mqtt client support only ~130 messges at same ephoc instant?

Hi @Kanthraj, could you please clarify what you mean by “ephoc”?