MQTT.fx® on HiveMQ Cloud Webinar| Hi, there is a real application in energy measurement but industrial (not only domestic)?

This question was asked during the webinar titled “MQTT.fx® on HiveMQ Cloud: Testing MQTT in the Cloud is Now Easier Than Ever” held on September 29. 2021 by Pedro.

Answer: You can refer to a couple of videos demonstrating real-world industrial applications on our Youtube channel. For example:

Industrial Asset Monitoring Using MQTT Sparkplug, Tatsoft Factory Studio, and HiveMQ Cloud

We have a couple of webinar recordings around manufacturing if you’d like to check it out:

Freedom⁴ - Free Your Manufacturing Data with Apache PLC4X & MQTT

Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry with MQTT and Kafka

It’d be great if you can share more context around your use case so that we can help you further.

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