KepServerX to Hive MQTT(LOCALLY hosted)

I have configured my kepwareserverx as attached on the pictures.

But my kepware can not find the tag being publish by the mqtt hive.

Please do advise.

Hi @jessedalegimenez ,

You indicated that “kepware can not find the tag being publish by the mqtt hive”. From the screenshot we can see that the the Kepserver client is connected to the broker and has 2 subscriptions. Yet no messages are received from the broker on specified topic.
There could be 2 reasons to it:

  1. No messages being published to the topic(s) from another client(s) and hence no messages are received.
  2. Messages being published to the topic(s) from another client(s), but Kepserver does not receive them.

I suggest you to take another MQTT Client, subscribe it to the broker using the same credentials as your Kepserver does, publish a message and see if the subscribing client can receive it.

  • If the client can receive the message, but the Kepserver doesn’t, then something is wrong with Kepserver config.
  • If the client cannot receive the message, then the reason is something else. I would suspect authorization, as I can see that you are using username to connect to the broker.
    Hint: If for the authorization you are using HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension, you can monitor $HIVEMQ_HOME/log/access/access.log to see successful and unsuccessful access attempts.

We recommend using MQTT CLI (recommended) , but you can also try mqtt-explorer or MQTT.fx.

I hope this helps.
Dasha from HiveMQ team