Issue with the contact elements(server) connection with Hivemq shows error backend answered non-2xx status code:401

We have used Hivemq version: 2021.3 and Java Version 19.0.2,We want to connect Hivemq with contact elements(server) but once we start connection with Hivemq it shows error message as Internal error while ‘d9Tzbb5f@system’ tried to log in: elements backend answered with non-2xx status code:401

Hi Anju Mankar,

I’m not familiar with the extension mentioned in your console screenshot - is this a custom extension? Can you outline what it is doing? (Is it making the HiveMQ broker act as a client to your Contact Elements server for example?)

My immediate reaction to seeing the “Elements backend answered” error is those codes look like http error codes. If that is true, a 401 should be an unauthorized response being sent back by the server.

If my above assumptions about the extension are correct, can you double-check any configuration used by the extension that could cause Contact Elements to return an authorization error?

Seth - HiveMQ Support