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why is my community edition failing to accept client connections? does it have a default user and password?

Hi @vansor ,

It is great to see your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ. Please welcome to our community!

To answer your question, I need some more information about the issue from you. I suppose you have installed a HiveMQ Broker Community Edition and either trying to connect an MQTT client to it or trying to log in to the HiveMQ Control Center. Questions are:

  • Which command do you run? Or which MQTT client and with which parameters do you run?
  • What is the error message from the command?

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Dasha from HiveMQ

I am running hivemq community edition using docker, the log show that it has succesfully started, after that I downloaded virtuino mqtt client app to test client connections I also cloned hivemq webclient repository into the server. Virtuino keeps connecting and disconnecting while I am unable to connect using the webclient

web client responding with this error Connect failed: AMQJS0007E Socket error:undefined.

Hi @vansor ,

You indicated (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong) that the Virtuino can connect to the broker successfully, but the Web client can not.

  • are the Virtuino and the Web client connecting to the same host and port? Please specify the ports.
  • do you have any additional authorization HiveMQ Broker Extensions installed?
  • if you install a HiveMQ MQTT CLI client on one of your machines, can it connect?

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I am now able to connect and publish and subscribe to messages.
I have built an extension to Intercept the messages and store them in a database, I added the zip folder of the compiled code to src/distribution/extensions but when I run the code it doesn’t seem to work.

Hello @vansor ,

It is nice that you can now connect a client and subscribe it to a topic filter!

You indicated an issue with the following:

  • Could you please post here the link to the instructions that you are following?
  • Did you try to unzip the Extension’s zip into the $HIVEMQ_HOME/extensions subdirectory and then start the broker (run $HIVEMQ_HOME/bin/ Watching the hivemq.log, do you see the Extension starting?

Thank you,
Dasha from HiveMQ team

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