How to define JRE 11 if JRE 11 is NOT in command path

The JRE i genereally use is < then version 11. And that smaller version is in the command path (%PATH%). So i need to define manually the (at least) Version 11 (i downloaded JRE/JDK V14 from Zulu, hope it will work) in the start script (.bat for Windows, .sh for Linux)

Do i need to add parameter (java(.exe) executable path) for run.bat or or do i need to change the script itself?

Thank you for your feedbacks.

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And run.bat /? or run.bat --help does not give me any help texts…

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Does nobody know how to solve that issue?

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No answer / adequate solution for my issue?

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Hi @xdev,

I use this approach (as there is seems to be no equivalent to jenv for Windows):

This mean for HiveMQ:

  • open shell
  • run install java11 bat
  • run hivemq run.bat

Hope this helps in your case.

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Michael from the HiveMQ team

Hi Michael

I had that issue on Windows, my default JRE is there still Java 8. But that was just for testing purposes…

In production, it will run on Linux. I’ve tested it with Debian 9 “Stretch” and the Java 11 from “Zulu”. Seems to work well.

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