HiveMQ kafka extension dropping messages larger than 1MB

Hi All,
I am using hivemq and hivemq kafka extension to get the data from hivemq to Kafka. Currently, there is an issue with some messages which is greater than 1MB. The messages are dropped. It is saying the default configuration for max.request.size is 1048576. I can see this configuration should configure from the producer side in Kafka documentation. Is there a way to set this configuration in the Kafka extension?

These are the warning messages that appear in logs.

2022-08-30 09:51:29,960 WARN - Message with mqtt topic 'upstream/timeseries/99910092/json' is dropped for mqtt-to-kafka-mapping 'mapping01' because it is too large. Reason: The message is 1409050 bytes when serialized which is larger than 1048576, which is the value of the max.request.size configuration

Hivemq is deployed in kubernetes cluster using hivemq kubernetes operator v4.7.1