HiveMq image stopped working abruptly

we were able to use hivemq docker image with our customized plugin and configuration and now all of a sudden it has stopped working, actually in the logs we could see that the hivemq server is starting and it is able to read our configuration files, but then the execution just stops abruptly and we have tried many ways to debug the issue but the issue persist.

HiveMQ_3.4.1_1 | 2021-07-09T10:14:06.933+0000 [main] INFO [migrations] - Checking for migrations (HiveMQ version 3.4.1)
HiveMQ_3.4.1_1 | 2021-07-09T10:14:06.974+0000 [main] INFO [migrations] - Read metadata file: MetaInformation{hivemqVersion=‘3.4.1’,

HiveMQ_3.4.1_1 | 2021-07-09T10:14:06.980+0000 [main] INFO [migrations] - Finished migration

After this log “Finished migration” , no logs seen and no errors seen.
Not able to launch Hivemq UI , though the container says “UP” (docker container ls)
Can you please us here.

Hello @vindya1 ,

Thank you for reaching out in our community forum. I’ve found that your company has an active support subscription with HiveMQ.
A member of the technical HiveMQ support staff will reach out to you directly.
Kind regards,
Florian from the HiveMQ Team.