Creating a new extension to publish sparkplug and receive json format

Hello, i would like to create a hivemq extension that will have subscribers receiving telemetry in json format, this extension will convert the published sparkplug format or any other format to json at the receiving end. I would like some assistance on how to go about it

Hello @zeendlovu15 ,

Thank you for your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ broker! Please welcome to our community.

For creating a HiveMQ broker extension, please refer to our example Hello World Extension: GitHub - hivemq/hivemq-hello-world-extension: HiveMQ extension for demonstrating the HiveMQ extension system
This sample extension demonstrates how to intercept Publish packets and modify their payload and can be a good start for your SparkPlug-to-JSON formatter.

I hope this helps,
Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ team