HiveMQ Edge - Creating More Than One Topic Causes Error In Protocal Adapter

I am using the MODBUS Protocal Adapter. I have 5 modbus addresses mapped to one topic. If I try to create a second topic to map a second series of addresses too, the Protocal Adapter will go into error.

To verify there wasn’t a problem with the groups of modbus ponts, I tried to create a single topic with both series of addresses mapped to it. The Protocal Adapter stayed connected. I then created a single topic with only the first group of modbus addresses mapped. The Protocal Adapter stayed connected. I then created a single group with only the second group of modbus addresses mapped. Again the Protocal Adapter stayed connected.

I’m not sure if my problem is procedural or if this is a bug.


Great that you working with the ModBus adapter. I do not fully understand the problem, yet to further help you. May you please provide the error message.

Do you config these adapters in the config.xml or in the UI?

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Hello Stefan,

I am using the GUI for configuration.

I want to map modbus addresses to different topics (segregated by their function). I can map addresses to a single topic fine. However, when I try to create a second topic and map addresses to it, the protocal adapter shows “error” for a connection status on the GUI.

To clarify, I am not trying to map the same modbus addresses to multiple topics.

I tried to re-produce your problem but didn’t run into an error.

May you please send a screenshot or parts of the config.xml.

Note: Please be aware not to share any secrets.

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When I try to create more than one MQTT topic for modbus addresses coming from a modbus server through a HiveMQ Edge modbus protocal adapter, the protocal adapter goes into “error” on the GUI.

I will recreate the problem localy and attach a santized config file.

I’m seeing the same issue, perhaps it’s a configuration issue on my end, but would certainly like to understand how I can implement reading multiple non-sequential holding registers in the same subscription. I added logs and an example config that will duplicate the issue here, Modbus protocol adapter fails with multiple subscriptions · Issue #328 · hivemq/hivemq-edge · GitHub