HiveMQ Cloud server rejects connection to LTE device

Hello, I am trying to connect an IOT device to a HiveMQ Cloud cluster. I have made credentials using the cloud cluster and use the server certificate provided. I am able to connect using mosquitto-client software but when I try the connection using my IOT device the server rejects the connection. The device I am using is a Quectel LTE module. I have spoken with Quectel and they traced the issue back to the server connection.

Any ideas why the connection is rejected when using my IOT device? See below image;

Hi @krpodco,

Nice to see your interest in HiveMQ Cloud.
I would much like to support your here. Based on your information I am not sure what you are exactly looking for.
What is the packet trace trying to show?
Do you see any Error message on your device?

I am able to connect using mosquitto-client software

This would suggest that the error lies within your IoT device.
Are you able to configure a CA file in the device?

Looking forward to receiving more information, so this can be solved.


Thanks for the reply Florian.

I am a bit new to the MQTT world. I believe the packet trace from Quectel was trying to show that the the device was able to open the connection with the Server but the server then rejects the connection once I enter in the username and password.

I assumed it was a module issue as well but have been told by the manufacturer it is server side. I have had success connecting with the server (port 8883) with the same device using their server CA.

On my device when I make the SSL connection request to the HiveMQ server( it returns success. I then have to enter a command to make the MQTT connection. I use the username and password here as well as a device ID. However this command returns “Connection Refused: Not Authorized”

I am able to configure a CA file in the device. I used the one generated from the HiveMQ cloud under the getting started (mosquitto) page.

Thanks for the help!

I have not had any success making the connection still. I am wondering if there is an issue with the Client ID I have been entering. The one difference from connecting using my LTE device and connecting using the Mosquitto client is that I have to manually enter a MQTT Client ID.

Is there any limitations on what the Client ID can be?