Free Cloud, ACL configuration

Someone can suggest?
How to organize an ACL (Access control list) on a HiveMQ free cloud?

Hi Ireshet,

What would you like to achieve with ACL (access control list)?
For example, would you like to control client authentication or client authorisation or client-topic authorisation?
Are you limited only to HiveMQ free cloud package?

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Client-topic authorisation. I need to restrict clients’ access to a topics, so that each client has access to a specific topic. I did not find how in HiveMQ free cloud.

Many thanks,

Hi David,

Thanks for clarification! This is not available in the Free and Pay-as-you-go package, only Business or Dedicated.
In case if you host a HiveMQ broker yourself, you can configure topic authorisation with security extensions:

  • File RBAC Extension (open source) implements Access Control based on a configuration file.
  • HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension (enterprise) implements Access Control based on SQL or LDAP or OAuth.

Kind regards,
Dasha form HiveMQ Team

It’s a pity! I was hoping that after the test on Free, we would be able to use it in our product. I will have to look for another service.