Exploring the device management capabilities of HiveMQ as an alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core

How can I set up a device management system using HiveMQ, and does HiveMQ offer device management capabilities similar to Google Cloud IoT Core? As I have already set up the HiveMQ extension for Google Cloud Pub/Sub and it is functioning well, I am interested in exploring HiveMQ’s device management capabilities. Given that Google is retiring its IoT Core service soon, I would like to know how to implement a device management system for potentially thousands or even millions of IoT devices. I appreciate your responses.

what are the requirements of your device management system ?

Thanks, @azo for taking out your time to respond.
Here are my requirements for the device management system:

  1. Automated provisioning of thousands of devices, without human intervention.
  2. Secure authentication of IoT devices to ensure that only authorized devices can connect to the system.
  3. Real-time monitoring of device status, including battery status, online/offline status, and hardware failure alerts.
  4. Ability to remotely update device configurations, including software updates, security patches, and other settings as needed.

Thanks again for your time.

  1. device provisioning is a concern related to device not of HiveMQ broker.
  2. You can setup TLS where each client is authenticated. You can also setup user ac based access but I think that is much less preferred way of authentication and thats why optional in broker.
  3. That is your application where dashboard is going to reside. HiveMQ can help you retrieve persisted data. Look into plug-ins or Rest API integration to retrieve Broker data for different messages.
  4. This is also concern related to device. Broker on its own can not provide these capabilities as far as I understand

Thank you @azo for your response. I’m grateful.