Delivery confirmation of messages

When I publish message, does broker knows whether the subscriber has received the message successfully?
broker is delivered the message to subscriber? and to how many subscribers it has delivered?
If yes can you please give reference of the document?

Hi @girishgsv

Thanks for the question! The answers is that MQTT works differently, namely:

In MQTT there are 3 different Quality of Service levels. The Quality of Service (QoS) level is an agreement between the sender of a message and the receiver of a message that defines the guarantee of delivery for a specific message.

There are 3 QoS levels in MQTT:

  • At most once (0)
  • At least once (1)
  • Exactly once (2).


  • QoS 0 - There is no guarantee of delivery. The recipient does not acknowledge receipt of the message and the message is not stored and re-transmitted by the sender.
  • QoS1 - QoS level 1 guarantees that a message is delivered at least one time to the receiver. The sender stores the message until it gets a PUBACK packet from the receiver that acknowledges receipt of the message. It is possible for a message to be sent or delivered multiple times.
  • QoS2 - QoS 2 is the highest level of service in MQTT. This level guarantees that each message is received only once by the intended recipients.

You have asked for documentation, so here you go:

  1. I strongly advise that you start with MQTT Essentials and go through all lectures in the series. We wrote this series to bring anybody up to speed with MQTT without requiring to read the whole MQTT specification.
  2. In case you volunteer to read the whole MQTT specification, the specification is managed by the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee:

If you need help searching for specific term in the documentation, please do not hesitate to ask .

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ team

Thanks for your reply.
as you mentioned QoS 1 and 2 confirms whether the message is received by receiver, in our case receiver is subscriber and not the broker so subscriber will send the acknowledgement to Broker and Broker will relay the message to publisher/Sender, it is right?

Actually I was thinking to get the acknowledgement using Response Topic, In this case the subscriber will publish ACK on response topic. If we already have the ACK functionality in QoS 1, 2 then we don’t need to use the RT?

hey, @girishgsv ,

Tell us and community more about your task. What are you designing, for what purpose and what are you trying to achieve. When we have more understanding of what you are trying to achieve, we could help you to understand what you need.

Our main requirements is,
We have multiple devices that communicates to a server. Devices/Server publish and subscribe message for each other. We need confirmation whether the message is received to/from Devices/Server.

  1. End to End acknowledgement, ACK from single or multiple Subscriber to Publisher
  2. Whether broker keeps the record of delivery of message to single/multiple broker, and relay the ACK to publisher.