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I signed up for a free account, created new clients with the console, and can use the CLI to publish/subscribe (and will use one of the language plugins for that in the future). All is well. But I can’t find any documentation on how to create new clients programmatically. The “mqtt” command has a “hivemq” subcommand that exports clients, but I see nothing in its docs about creating them. The REST API doc shows how to list clients, but nothing about creating them. There must be a way to create clients and credentials other than the GUI–a CLI, the API, a language binding, something–but I can’t find it.

Hi @lcrocker ,

Nice to see your interest in HiveMQ. Welcome to the community.

Are you referring to creating MQTT credentials in the HiveMQ Cloud (see screenshot)?

What is the Use Case for creating the credentials programmatically? What HiveMQ Cloud subscription you have: Free, Pay as you go, Dedicated?

Tell us more!

Dasha from HiveMQ team

Thanks for the reply. We just have a free account for now, but if we decide that HiveMQ will meet our needs we’ll upgrade to whatever we need. We are a company that makes gadgets. We’re not selling them one at a time; we’re hoping to sell thousands, so if we can’t automate the process of making credentials for them, we’ll have to find another solution. Google IoT made it easy: a script runs “gcloud iot devices create --public-key …”, then installs the private key on the device, and all’s well.

GUIs are fine for experimentation and development, but actual production requires automation.

Thanks for the clarification @lcrocker ,

At the moment the only way to manage MQTT credentials in the HiveMQ cloud cluster is via the GUI.
If you host a HiveMQ broker (Enterprise license) on your own (or subscribe to HiveMQ Cloud Dedicated), then you have more flexibility in managing MQTT client credentials, for example in an SQL database with HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension. More flexibility could potentially allow you to develop an automation as your use case requires. A ready to use solution for your use case does not exist (yet).

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Dasha from HiveMQ