Certificate has expired, Connections error on electronJs

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We are facing similar issue as unable to make connection using mqtts in newer versions of electron · Issue #18105 · electron/electron · GitHub.
We need to add some cipher which are also supported by boringSSL.

We are using Pay as you go & Free addition.

Looking input for this issue.

Thank you

Hello @vijaysy

Thanks for reaching out. We would like to confirm if you are using the Hivemq Cloud product. If so please help us with your cluster URL in order to work further on this issue. Also, let us know which cipher you are looking to add? Meantime i will confirm internally which cipher suites we are supporting in Hivemq Cloud.

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Hi @SShet

I am not comfortable to share URL in public forum,
Pls provide me ur email address , will share 1-1

We need cipher suites supported by boring-ssl

Hello @vijaysy

Thanks for sharing the details.
The connection error is not related to cipher suits but with the certificates. HiveMQ Cloud free now uses LetsEncrypt certificates. You will need to update your devices trust store so that it trusts the LetsEncrypt certificate to connect with HiveMQ cloud again. For more details please check our FAQ section..

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