Backend client (hivemq-mqtt-client Java/Spring) says its connected to local docker broker but it is not

My frontend client (mqtt.js) can connect to the broker and is shown in the admin center.

I connect the frontend this way:

const url: string = "ws://localhost:8000";
const options: IClientOptions = {
  clientId: 'myclient',
  username: 'myuser',
  password: '',
  path: "/mqtt"
this.client = mqtt.connect(url, options);

But my backend client says its connected but it is not (not shown in client list in admin center and not receiving messages from the broker that were sent by the frontend client).

When connecting the backend it looks like its connected as you can see on the returned MqttConnAck object (Excerpt from log):

Connected successfully to localhost:1883 with MqttConnAck{reasonCode=SUCCESS, sessionPresent=false, assignedClientIdentifier=auto-F769E480-83F7-5A3F-4720-3C1A4B056EED, restrictions=MqttConnAckRestrictions{receiveMaximum=20, maximumPacketSize=268435460, topicAliasMaximum=10, maximumQos=EXACTLY_ONCE, retainAvailable=true, wildcardSubscriptionAvailable=true, sharedSubscriptionAvailable=true, subscriptionIdentifiersAvailable=true}}
Subscribed successfully to [MqttSubscription{topicFilter=internal/frontend2backend/#, qos=EXACTLY_ONCE, noLocal=false, retainHandling=SEND, retainAsPublished=false}] with MqttSubAck{reasonCodes=[GRANTED_QOS_2], packetIdentifier=65526}

Hi @ounger,

I appreciate your engagement with the backend client connection. To ensure that the backend client is properly reflected, kindly click on the “Refresh Snapshot” button located in the upper-right corner. This action will promptly refresh the view, and if the backend client remains connected, it should promptly appear in the list.

I trust this step proves helpful.
Dasha from HiveMQ Team