Why does Hive needs "administrative privileges" to run?


when I start HiveMQ it needs to be run as an administrator. Why?
Previously I tried mosquitto and Artemis and both could be run with user privileges.


Hello Thorsten,

what operating system are you attempting to run HiveMQ on?
Are you being presented with a message concerning privileges
when following our installation guide?

On Linux HiveMQ does not require root privileges to run.
Our prefered installation directory is /opt/hivemq for which
your user may not have the necessary permissions.

On Windows administrator privileges are usually only required when running
HiveMQ as a service.

This thread might be of interest to you.

Finn from the HiveMQ team

Hallo Finn,

I am Running it on windows 10. I just Followed the quick Start Guide which means i just unpacked the zip and executed bin/run.

I will Check the Thread you mentioned.



…because Java8 is not sufficient. If you run it with java8 you get two messages:


HiveMQ needs more runtime privileges,
please run again as admin. (right click, select ‘Run as administrator’

ERROR! HiveMQ requires at least Java 11

Solving the second issues (running it with java 11 or greater) solves both issues at once :slight_smile:

Indeed, HiveMQ requires JRE 11 or newer.

I’m glad to see you were successful!