Where is the Jar for Graphite Extension?

The Graphite Extension seems to be abandoned?

I’m trying to configure this HiveMQ - Monitoring with Graphite and Collectl
but can’t find the " file". I presume this is converted to .xml in the config?

Hi @rbenech,

a Graphite extension doesn’t exist yet. The GitHub link refers to the HiveMQ 3 Graphite plugin which does not work with HiveMQ 4 as we modernized the SDK.

As for the HiveMQ 3 plugin it is still an .properties file, you can find it here:

If you need this as an HiveMQ 4 extension you might want to create an issue here: GitHub - hivemq/graphite-plugin: HiveMQ Graphite Plugin
Though I don’t know when this will be done.

Michael from the HiveMQ team