What can we handle subscriber when messages are getting dropped?

What can we handle subscriber when messages are getting dropped and messages available in hivemq dropped topic ?

Hello Rahul,

I’m not quite certain which behaviour you wish to handle. Can you please elaborate on the scenario
you would like to cover?

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Actually, currently my subscriber bit slow to consume messages from the broker Or we can say publishing messages rate to a topic is high. So due to slow subscriber, attached clientId queue gets full and after that upcoming or old messages are getting dropped.

So how can we control/handle this behaviour ?

Hi Rahul,

thank you for clarifying. In order to reduce load on the subscribing side, you can
distribute load by using the shared subscription mechanism.
Your clients would subscribe to $share/group0/some/topic. Messages published to some/topic would then be split between all subscribers in group0. An explanation can be found in our blog post on shared subscriptions. I hope this helps.

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