(SOLVED) Connection Issues with Cloud Broker

I’m looking to build a technical demo of the HiveMQ Cloud Broker. I’m using an Opto 22 groove EPIC PAC with full Ignition v8.0.16.

I’ve successfully connected to a remote broker (on the cloud) over TCP. However, the connection does not establish itself to the HiveMQ managed cloud broker over TLS. It’s also important to note that when I connect over MQTT.fx to the same cloud broker, I’m able to publish and subscribe to one message before getting disconnected.

Any solutions?

Thank you,

HI @VRomanov,

I’m not so familiar with Opto 22 groove EPIC PAC, maybe this video can help configuring it correctly (timestamp when the Opto 22 is configured: 5:00). Though the Opto 22 used in the video is an “Opto 22 groov Rio” but I hope there aren’t so big differences.

Just one possible issue that sometimes happen, you changed the port to 8883 for the TLS connection to HiveMQ cloud right?

As for the MQTT.fx issue, did you follow the guide in the “Getting started” section, I just tested it and it works.

Hope this already helps, if not you know where you can find us :wink:

Michael from the HiveMQ team

Hi Michael,

I believe that you misunderstood my original statement.

I’m running Ignition on the EPIC; I’m using the Ignition MQTT Publisher to send tags to the cloud broker. I’m able to connect to a local non-TLS broker without any issues. I’ve configured the cloud broker configuration per the instructions provided and it’s unable to connect.

Once again, I believe that you’re not understanding the issue I’ve described.

I am able to connect over MQTT.fx and read a single message received. The configuration is definitely correct. The issue is that after that message, the broker disconnects. I’m not able to send or receive a second message from the broker.

Please let me know what else to try.

Hi, I’d like to get a resolution to the above. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?

Hi @VRomanov,

for the “EPIC with Ignition” topic I would redirect you to the Opto22 forum as they should be able to help you resolve this issue faster.

As for the MQTT.fx issue as I wasn’t able to reproduce it we have to debug here to find the cause of what you are seeing:

  • what MQTT.fx version are you using, I used 1.7.1 → then I can try it again with that version
  • do you by chance try to subscribe to the “broker status”? That’s the only time I could create a exception where the client is disconnected
  • what are the logs of MQTT.fx saying what happens, maybe they already give a clue why it doesn’t work
  • if the logs of MQTT.fx don’t help can you make a Wireshark capture of the communication when you connect the client until the client is forcefully disconnected?


Hi @VRomanov,

Our cloud team was able to identify and resolve the cause for the behaviour you saw.
It is now working as expected again.

Thank you for reaching out,