Possible to Restrict Wildcards Per User?

I know there is a way to disallow wildcard subscriptions. Is there a way to do this that restricts wildcards for some users but not others?


This can be done easily with the File RBAC Extension. There is an example in the readme file how to set the required permissions.

You can also create your own extension by using the HiveMQ Extension System.

Hope that helps,

Hi Abdullah,

Thanks for responding! I am using that plugin, however I notice that you can specify wildcards that indicate which topics a client can subscribe to, but you cannot specify a client should not be able to subscribe to a wildcard. Does that difference make sense, for example, I am able to specify a user can subscribe to:

home/+ (which would allow them to subscribe to home/t1, home/t2, etc)

but I want each client to have to concretely subscribe to home/t1, not home/+.