Hello Guys, I used the official tutorial to generate a self-signed certificate as well as a client certificate, and then reported an error when connecting using mqttx. I’m using the latest version of hivemq, the windows operating environment.
Error: error:1e000065:Cipher functions:OPENSSL_internal:BAD_DECRYPT
Refer to the article: Setting up TLS for your cloud-based MQTT broker

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you guys in advance.

Hello @JXZ

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! The error you’re encountering is an OpenSSL error. It often arises when there’s a mismatch between private keys and certificates, or when the password provided for a password-protected private key is incorrect.

What are the results of using these same certificates with the MQTT CLI as described in the article?

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team