Not able to recover key from Keystore

I’m setting up an SSL-connection to my localhost,
I’ve followed the How to’s and was able to generate a hivemq.jks-file. I’ve copied it to the hivemq directory (please can you specifiy where exactly that I have to copy it?)
When trying to generate a keystore with keytool, I need to give a keystore password and place it in the file config.xml. But I need also a private-key-password? I can also store this password in the config.xml. But when trying to connect I receive the following message:
“2022-10-06 09:31:51,235 ERROR - Not able to create SSL server context. Reason: Not able to recover key from KeyStore, please check your private-key-password and your keyStorePassword”

Hi @Stijn ,

Nice to see your interest in HiveMQ and MQTT , welcome to the community. Would you mind to share the link to which How to’s did you follow?

Regarding this question: “please can you specify where exactly that I have to copy it?” – you copy it to the path that you specify in the config.xml. If you share your config.xml with me – I could tell you “which path” you have.

Regarding JKS: For generating certificates and putting them into keystore and truststore I use the following script. Take a look and see how do we set password and passphrase: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

I hope this helps,

Dasha from HiveMQ team