Mqtt version for HiveMQ

I use RAK7258 lorawan gateway with embedded network server. The gateway will connect HiveMQ broker. But the gateway connected to broker failed.
You can see the setting in following picture. MQTT version is 3.1(only two options, another is 3.1.1). QoS is 1.
So is there anything wrong with the setting?

I did not exactly understand the tools you use. Just a quick thought to share: I experienced massive connection issues from several machines with mosquitto before version 2.x. So: No, the HiveMQ was absolutely not the problem. Since I upgraded the mosquitto stuff to 2.x all these connection issues are gone. Not sure if this helps you much - worth sharing this info anyways I assume :wink:

Hey zenlytech,

does the gateway you are using provide you with any log output when it attempts to connect to the broker? There’s no issue with your settings as far as I can tell, so some form of error or output would be helpful in finding the problem.

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