HiveMQ Edge OPC adapter

I try to configure the OPC protocol adapter to connect to my OPC server on Kepware, i dont get a connection, and on kepware i dont get the “trust” option. Can you guide me please. What is the URI and what is the difference with the URL that Kepware shows on OPC Configure?

Hello @MarianoB ,

Thank you for the outreach, and I am happy to be the first to welcome you to the HiveMQ Community!

It sounds like we are looking to connect your OPC server hosted via Kepware to HiveMQ edge, and currently not seeing success when attempting to complete the connection.

In order to dive in deeper, I would like to ask you to provide the configuration details, obfuscating any sensitive data, currently utilized so that we may review this and provide the most accurate solution we can provide.

My first hunch may be that the formatting currently used for the OPC UA adapter may not be correctly completing a connection to your OPC UA server.

In the following minimal configuration, we have utilize a URI to specify our OPC UA server address (OPC UA Adapter resources can be found in our documentation here) :


It is worth noting here in this example that, as a URI is utilized, an initial header opc.tcp:// is utilized to define this as an OPC connection via TCP. This is then followed by either the address for the OPC server, or IP address, followed by the port - in this case, 4840.

In this case, URI is defined as this allows us to specify resources that are not strictly linked to a URL, such as offline resources. In the example provided, the opc.tcp header defines this as connecting to OPC via TCP, and therefore would be looking for a URI and port, or an IP address and port, which is likely what is provided within the configuration page for Kepware.

Let us know if this answers your question, or if you are able to provide your configuration details for further review if you are still encountering errors!

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team