Hivemq-ce persistence config

What is the equivalent of mosquitto:

persistence true
persistence_location /mosquitto/data


Hi caevv,
HiveMQ always persists its data.
You can change the folder by following the user guide.

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So basically for the persistence storage folder, would it be? HIVEMQ_DATA_FOLDER HiveMQ data folder

In order to set your data folder you need to add the following:

As Java option:


as Environment variable:

export HIVEMQ_DATA_FOLDER=/path/to/your/folder

Please not that HiveMQ uses the HIVEMQ_HOME/data folder by default, if you do not specifically set a folder.

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client publish meesage with qos1 and cleanSession=false option,
consumer consume with with qos1 and cleanSession=false option too.
but when the consumer offline and go back online,it can’t get offline message,so what the matter is?

First i use mqtt.fx gui client,it can’t receive offline message,
then i use eclipse paho client,it can receive message,so it’s probably the mqtt.fx problem

Hi @hellomqtt,

Welcome to the forum.
It’s possible that MQTT.fx has an issue here. HiveMQ CE does certainly queue offline messages for persistent (cleanStart=false / cleanSession=false )
Have you tried the MQTT CLI for testing, yet?

Florian from The HiveMQ Team.