Hive websocket connection failure

Hello All,
I use below flutter code to connect to the HIVE broker via browser, however, I fail
i have no clue how to proceed
Can someone please help?

import 'package:flutter/cupertino.dart';
import 'package:mqtt_client/mqtt_browser_client.dart';
import 'package:mqtt_client/mqtt_client.dart';

MqttBrowserClient mq = MqttBrowserClient(
    'ws://', 'clientz5tWzoydVL',
    maxConnectionAttempts: 1);


MqttBrowserClient mq = MqttBrowserClient('ws://', 'client-1',
    maxConnectionAttempts: 1);

class mqttService {
  final connMess = MqttConnectMessage()
      .withWillMessage('My Will message')
      .startClean() // Non persistent session for testing

  Future<MqttClientConnectionStatus?> connectToServer() async {
    try {
      mq.port = 8000;
      mq.keepAlivePeriod = 50;
      mq.connectionMessage = connMess;
      mq.websocketProtocols = MqttClientConstants.protocolsSingleDefault;

      var status = await mq.connect();
      return status;
    } catch (e) {
      print("error is " + e.toString());
      return null;

The error message I receive is

 The maximum allowed connection attempts ({1}) were exceeded. The broker is
not responding to the connection request message (Missing Connection Acknowledgement?

Hello @a14guguliye ,

Does it fail only for ‘ws://’ or for any broker?