Does hivemq support topic priority?

Does hivemq support topic priority?
I want some topics to be handled immediately when the broker receives the message.
Our team is using c#. Is there any way to achieve the topic priority goal?

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Hello @lllle ,

Thank you for the outreach!

Could you please provide some additional details about the implementation goals that you are looking to achieve with regards to topic priority?

From the perspective of the MQTT protocol, all messages are delivered to subscribers of topics once the broker has received and successfully acknowledged the publishing clients request - as such, all topics are handled immediately by default. If there is specific functionality that you are looking to meet with regards to the timing of message delivery, please let us know and we would be happy to provide guidance and recommendations!

Additionally, MQTT does support QoS (Quality of Service) levels - these establish MQTT protocol-defined assurances with message delivery functionality to enable features like ensured and validated message delivery. A full post regarding these details can be found in our MQTT essentials guide linked here.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team