Disconnect client on token expiry

Hi all,
I’m using the SDK to to authenticate clients using a token that has an expiry date. The broker is meant to check expiry when the client attempts any kind of action and disconnect the client if their token in no more active. I can do that by writing my own Publish and Subscribe Authorizers but I was wondering if there is any feature on HiveMQ Broker CE to set how long a client session / authentication period will last.

Thank you,

Hello Michael,

I advise you to use the Managed Extension Executor Service.
This allows you to make non blocking checks for expired session tokens, invalidate them and disconnect corresponding clients.

Best regards,
Finn from the HiveMQ team

Hi zingiber,
Thank you for the suggestion, yes it looks like the right tool to use for this use case. I was wondering though, is there any client setting that can be used to tell the CE HiveMQ broker that the session should only last x seconds?