Cannot receive message

Hi, Sir,

I start the server of MQTT.fx. The subscription and topic is available and useful in this software.

But my wireless sensor 's message cannot be received by this software though the sensor feedback the server connection is okay, and message was sent to the topic. But this software just didn’t get the message.

The port is 8883. is it encrypted , so I cannot get the message?

Could you help?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @msensor

Welcome to HiveMQ Community Forum. Can you please help us with subscription topics along with Qos levels? Also, what were the topic and QoS levels when messages were published? Was Subscribing client connected when messages were sent?

You can also do a quick test with MQTT Cli for testing this behaviour. In the Getting Started section of Cloud WebUI, you will get initial steps on how to use it.

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