Bugfix Pull Request

Hey there,

I reported a bug some time ago which was approved some time later. Since it is a bug which prevents my project to update the hiveMQ-Version, I decided to create a Pull Request for it myself (fixed issue: Reauthorize only works once #344 by lukasBleibt · Pull Request #391 · hivemq/hivemq-community-edition · GitHub).

I also sent my signed CLA via email, so the PR is mergeable.

Now a month later, I am not verified yet and my PR is floating around.
No offense or anything just wanted to ask whether the verification of the CLA is usually taking this long or did I do anything wrong with it (sent it to the wrong mail or something)

With kind regards,

There were some misconfiguration from my github on the initial commit. Therefore nevermind, I deleted the PR and created a new one