About HiveMq3.4.4 to HiveMq4.2.1 version Performance issues

We are upgrading the hivemq3 version to the hivemq4 version, but the performance of the hivemq4 version is not up to the hivem3 version.
Our 3 version conf.xm configuration is like this:

The performance at this time Can provide 30,000/s inbound publish rate.

However, on the same machine, using hivemq4.2.1 version, the inbound publish rate at this time is only 1700/s, how to configure hivemq4.2.1 to achieve the same or close performance as version 3. (As far as I know, hivemq4 version has removed the “in memory” configuration)

Hi @wuhou,

Nice to see you are moving towards HiveMQ 4.x.
First of all I would highly recommend you use the latest version.
HiveMQ 4.5.0. The file persistence for this version is vastly improved compared to HiveMQ 4.2.1 (which is also no longer supported)

Secondly, I was hoping you could share some more details about your test.
What QoS level are you using?
What is the size of your messages?
How many CPU cores does your machine have?

When you say HiveMQ 4 only supports 1700 msg/s, what does that exactly mean?
Are you seeing Errors in HiveMQ?
Do you see dropped messages?

Looking forward to your responses to find a suitable configuration for your use case.
Kind regards,

Thank you for your reply. We just tried to use HiveMQ 4.5.0 but unfortunately our license does not support HiveMQ 4.5.0.
When we use HiveMQ 4.2.1, the detailed test information is like this:

  1. qos=1 is used

  2. The size of a message is 100KB

  3. We used centos07 4 CPU cores 8G RAM, 4 clusters

  4. We hope that this cluster can provide the inbound volume of 20,000 msg/s(it can be done on HiveMQ3.4.4 on the same machine)

  5. No error is seen in HiveMQ logs

  6. Yes,We saw dropped messages

Hi @wuhou,

I know that your company has a valid license for HiveMQ 4.5.0.
Details will be sent over email.